These types of compressors are suitable to be used in maines, water/wastewater and gas piping, erecting power towers, sandblasting pipes and agricultural and constructional operations.
Advantages of these compressors are as follows:
Long operating life of the Airend(screw)
Simplicity of the control system
Operator’s familiarity with service and maintenance operations
No need to electricity
No. of Wheeis Air Delivery Cocks Ambient Temp. Range Max. Pressure Working Pressure Capacity Model
2 2*3/4 -18 to 45 oC 8 Kg/Cm2 7 Kg/Cm2 4.9 M3/Min D140
2 2*3/4 -18 to 45 oC 8 Kg/Cm2 7 Kg/Cm2 5.6 M3/Min D160
Battery Fuel Tank Capacity Unload RPM Load RPM Cylinder Engine Model
1*12V 95 A.H 80 lit 2300 1200 3 DEUTZ M1011F D140
1*12V 95 A.H 80 lit 2600 1200 3 DEUTZ M1011F D160


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